Nick played a key role in the many policy victories we have seen in recent years.
— Rebecca Brown, Innocence Project Policy Director

We enlisted Nick’s help to organize and promote a pre-hearing press conference and to obtain media coverage of a public hearing. The day was a smashing success. We secured significant coverage on TV and in print. The day’s success was almost entirely attributable to Nick’s skill and persistence. He set a high bar for our future efforts!

Brent Adams, Woodstock Institute Vice President of Policy

Nick understands how valuable the media can be in shaping public perception around an issue. More importantly, he possesses a keen ability to create compelling content and communicate it to the media in such a way that, time after time, enabled our organization to maintain control of the narrative around policy work and some of our clients’ cases. He excels not only in proactively securing coverage, but also knows how to respond to negative or inaccurate coverage.  Simply put, he is one of the best pitch persons with whom I have worked during my two decades in public relations.

Paul Cates, Innocence Project Communications Director

Nick played a key role in the many policy victories we have seen in recent years. Working within our organization and with partnering groups throughout the country, Nick created communications plans spanning various media that were crucial in raising awareness about issues, but also in applying the political pressure that was necessary to accomplish our goals

Rebecca Brown, Innocence Project Policy Director

Nick was extraordinarily conscientious and goal-oriented, ensuring that we never missed a deadline. He was also great at persuading the press to come to an event. We had a significant uptick in the number of news outlets covering our events during his tenure.

Minna Elias, New York Chief of Staff for U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney