Services In Detail



NLM performs media relations, community relations, and government relations. A snapshot of these services includes pitching and placing media stories, responding to press calls, arranging media appearances and drafting talking points, engaging community leaders and elected officials to mobilize and organize support around an issue, and more. NLM will work with your organization to develop a strategy that meets its needs.

Crisis Communications

When an unforeseen circumstance arises or negative media attention stands to impact your organization’s work and objectives, NLM can launch a comprehensive strategy to contain and correct the public narrative. This will ensure that your organization’s objectives are not further hindered. 

Public Policy Strategy

If your organization has a public policy goal or advocacy objective, NLM can provide guidance in exploring its feasibility, identifying and contacting key stakeholders to involve, drafting public messaging and overall strategy, preparing to respond to possible setbacks and objections, among other efforts.

Event Organization

NLM can organize press conferences, rallies, town halls and other public events. These services include conceptualizing events, targeting stakeholders to participate, media outreach, drafting material such as talking points and press releases, managing media requests, social media promotion and engagement, and more.

Website Content & Management

NLM can  produce written content for your website on a regular or as-needed basis. 

Written Content 

NLM can produce a variety of written content, including talking points for media appearances, media advisories and press releases, fact sheets for media distribution, policy memos for government officials, flyers and advocacy literature, and much more.

Social Media & Digital Advocacy

NLM is available to conceptualize and manage content for your organization’s social media channels, and to perform digital advocacy efforts such as action alerts, all of which can engage and grow your audience as well as mobilize support for your organization’s objectives.