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Nick Lurie-Moroni, NLM Founder & Manager

I am a PR expert and a former journalist whose work has been nominated for and received numerous awards. Because I have worked in both roles, I understand how to tell a compelling story and to ensure that it gets coverage. 

Communications strategies that I have developed and executed have shaped and contained the narrative around issues and resulted in the enactment of state statues, federal laws and progress in local-level public policies.  These efforts were  national in scope or done in a range of political environments in states across the country. Thus, I understand how to customize communications strategies so as to appeal to relevant political sensitivities and leverage public pressure in any location.  

I began my career as a journalist covering public policy issues in Chicago and cut my teeth in PR in New York City, as a press secretary in the district office of a Member of Congress, and, later, in a media relations role for the Innocence Project, a national legal and public policy organization. New York is a fiercely competitive and fast-paced media market that requires savviness and resolve in order to persuade inundated journalists to devote energy and space to covering story pitches. Repeatedly, I was able to convince reporters to cover issues, even when, as one of my principals stated, “the news value was questionable.” 

I am based in Chicago, but work locally, statewide and nationally. I hope to put my skills to work for your organization and help it achieve its goals. Please check out how NLM can be of service.

In Solidarity, 

Nick Lurie-Moroni 


NLM Communications